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    Sky Pros, LLC


    We have what it takes to meet your needs and we love what we do.

    Sky Pros uses the latest radio-controlled aircraft and high definition camera technology.  This gives us the ability to show viewers exhilarating, smooth high-definition aerial footage from perspectives never seen before.  Various industries such as production companies, realtor and builders are starting to take advantage of this unique technology.   This has proven to be a game changer for several reasons:
    Versatility, Mobility – Aerial images from 4 feet to 400 feet.
    Rapid Deployment and Recovery – Systems can be airborne in minutes  
    Quiet and Safe – Safely and quietly film without disrupting surroundings
    Cut Cost, not Quality – Higher quality less cost.

    Sky Pros is the Charlotte area’s leading RC aerial videography company, operating state of the art radio-controlled multi-rotors capable of carrying high-definition, gyro-stabilized cameras for exhilarating, smooth close-range video and images. We put safety first.

    Using , safe, reliable and non-invasive RC aerial filming systems, Sky Pros integrates with production companies and realtor teams to create captivating and memorable aerial imagery, providing a simple and cost-effective solution for capturing low-altitude overhead footage that’s guaranteed to add value to your production or product.


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